Feb 092020

Sub-Forty Day!

Sub-Forty Day!

S is home. Thank God. I mean I am an only child. I feel like I’m pretty adept at entertaining myself. But wow! I was so bored. So glad he’s home from Chicago. Supposedly I am traveling to Chicago in four weeks. I sure hope it’s warmer there than it was for S’s trip. Burrrr…

The past couple of days have been some of the first real wintery days of this season. We had a couple inches of snow. There was actual shoveling involved.

Like we do on every day off, today we went to work out. I have to admit I was feeling good today. Our first goal in 5K training was to break 45 minutes. That time fell pretty quickly once we started trying. Our next goal was to break 40 minutes. S got there last week with a 39.54. After my first 20 minutes, I knew it was within reach and I went for it. I clocked in at 39.26! Very exciting. I was proud of myself.

I’ve never been a fan of running. It always felt so jarring. I could never understand people that found enjoyment in it. When we had to run the mile in gym, I was always one of the last finishers, walking most of it even though I was trim and had long legs. It seemed like such a chore. I’d much rather walk and take in the scenery.

Today it was joyful. I actually felt a little of that runner’s high!