Jul 112020

Quarantine Day 114 – COVID-19 Update

Cases worldwide sit at 12.5M, with cases in the U.S. at 3.24 million. Deaths worldwide are at 560K with U.S. deaths closing at about 136,000. New cases in Ohio are still rising with a single day high yesterday of 1525. Masks are now required in several Ohio counties, but not where we live. (yet) Americans are flipping out about masks. It is beyond me why it’s such a big deal to wear a mask while you walk around in Target for 30 minutes. I mean, it’s not fun wearing a mask. It makes my glasses steam up, but it’s not exactly a hardship. Does it help? I don’t know. But it can’t hurt. If people could just think of someone besides themselves and their petty crap, maybe we could get through this thing. I have to stop reading the comments that the crazies post about how this is all a hoax. I’m not sure how 100 people a day dying in both Texas and California per day right now can be seen as a hoax. I guess for some people, if it’s not happening to them, it’s not happening at all?

On Friday night there was a big house fire in our neighborhood. It was about three streets over. We were outside last night and I remember hearing sirens. One thing I have regularly commented on since moving to the almost-country is how there are never sirens here, so this was definitely odd. Then we heard sirens two or three more times. I said, “There must be a fire”. It didn’t sound as if it were in our neighborhood, but sure enough it was on a street that I walk/jog on regularly. Fortunately the owners, a young couple, were not home at the time so there were no injuries. Unfortunately the house was a total loss and there was also damage to the neighboring houses. Scary.

Today I embarked upon the bold task of grilling fish! S suggested fish tacos so I studied up on how to grill fish. While they looked beautiful, and the fish was cooked perfectly, we decided they were just okay. I think that using lettuce wraps really took something away from them. Sometimes ya just need a tortilla!