Aug 182019

Summer Reflections & The Punisher

This summer has been pretty awesome. We made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and that has been very successful. S is lighter than he has been in years, which of course is very good. He’s also been much more active, walking/jogging regularly. One thing I wanted to commit to this year was taking more days off in the summer. So, although it was tough, we were very stingy with using days off between January and May. It’s been well worth it. We’ve had so many beautiful days off with several more upcoming. We haven’t traveled, but I feel like I’ve vacationed because I have spent so much time outside. S told me today, “you’re really tan”. Now anyone that knows me knows that’s rarely the case. I didn’t spend much time outside in Hilliard. Although our yard was large, it wasn’t private and it had a western exposure which made it super hot on the deck. In this house, our backyard is very private and backs up to the woods. I find myself spending hours out there whether it be after work or on the weekends.

I’ve been reading voraciously. By my count, I’ve read about 18 books in the past 17 weeks. My favorites have been the Throne of Glass series, and the series I am reading right now called The Farseer Trilogy. This brings me to the other part of this post’s title — The Punisher.

This year’s Cincinnati Reds team has been really fun to watch. Their not going to make the playoffs, but they seem to be close to being very, very good. There’s three awesome young rookies, including our new right fielder, Aristides Aquino. He was just called up a few weeks ago, so he hasn’t been on the big team all year. HE HAS 11 HOMERUNS in 17 GAMES. Insane, record-setting, unbelievable! They call him The Punisher. I call him Legend. He has the ugliest batting stance I have ever seen, but hey. It’s working.