May 292021

Is It Really Memorial Day Weekend?

Right now it is 5PM on May 29th and it’s 52 degrees. Ridiculous!! It’s supposed to get warmer over the next few days, but this isn’t exactly the temps I was hoping for on my five-day weekend.

COVID finally seems to be under control in the US. S & I, along with about 41% of the country, are fully vaccinated. Mask mandates are being lifted and things, while not normal, are getting there. Two weeks ago, we picked up mom and visited the Dubs. It was a fun, but exhausting day, filled with landscaping and grilling. Mom visited our house for Mother’s Day which featured quesadillas made with low carb tortillas and lots of rain!

S & I are doing our 5K in two weeks. I’m excited for that. I hope the weather is good and that we can put up decent times. T-Dub starts swimming lessons in about a week. L-Dub completed a successful track season. He made lots of friends and says he’s going to participate next year as well.

My gardens look beautiful. I will have to take some photos and add them later. It’s too ugly out to do that today. The next phase of construction started in our neighborhood. For whatever reason, the housing market is crazy right now. House prices are way up and houses are selling even more quickly than when we sold our last house. Interest rates are low, but there is also a lingering impact from COVID where new construction slowed and the prices of materials rose. It’s fun to see new houses going up. When I’m out walking, I like to peek inside them!

I continue to use my bonus-work-from-home-no-commute hours to read more books. I am currently obsesses with author Michael J. Sullivan.. So good!

I mentioned the NFL Draft in my last post so I feel compelled to report that I think the Bengals had an excellent draft. Their first pick was LSU receiver Ja’mar Chase. He was Burrow’s receiver in college so hopefully they’ll continue to make magic in Cincy.