Sep 052023

Our Labor Day Adventure

Today is actually the day after labor day, but we took a vacation day to have an extra long weekend. We live really close to a massive bike trail that actually traverses most of the state. You don’t have to bike it. Walkers also use it, and according to the signs, horses are allowed too! Today we decided to give it a try, and it was a lot of fun. We drove into town to park and walked about two miles down and then back. It was very pretty as we were right along the river. The woods on each side also gave a nice amount of shade. Afterwards, we went to explore other entrances to the trail we might try next time and we found an entrance to the path about a half mile from our house. We also discovered an awesome lake that we didn’t know existed before.

Below is a random collage of nature pics I’ve taken this year. I couldn’t find my turtle picture, but S did get a fantastic picture of Carla (the white heron) yesterday.