Mar 292020

Quarantine Day 13 – COVID-19 Update

In just a few short days, the total Coronavirus cases worldwide have ballooned to over 700,000 with the US now leading the total case count at over 130,000 with almost 60,000 of those in New York. The worldwide death total is now over 30,000. Part of the rapid increase in US cases is due to the wider availability in testing coupled with the time it takes people to get sick. Testing is still a shitshow with many states having tested fewer than 1,000 people. States doing “a lot” of testing are testing about 4 per 1,000 people. New York is truly the new Italy. As of today, the CDC has severely limited travel in and out of NY, NJ and Connecticut.

Life in the almost country hasn’t changed terribly much. We’re still working from home. The Ohio shelter-in-place mandate is set to expire in a week, but I suspect it will be extended for at least another two weeks and then reevaluated and extended through the month of April, but we’ll see. We’re good on food and supplies. I’ve taken to using Kroger’s pick-up service which they’ve made free for the time being.

S & I are continuing to exercise every day, and on the weekends we’ll watch a movie. Not too exciting, but it’s fine with us. On the bright side spring is here. The trees are flowering and it’s really greening up. The moms seem to being doing fine. Although mine still won’t stay in. She seems to go out for something most days. She assures me she’s being very careful.

The Dubs were on vacation this week. UPS asked NDub to reschedule, but since he had not had a vacation since September, he declined. We have until May 14th to cancel our vacation. We’ll see what happens.