Jul 282020

Four Day Weekend!

Yep. I’m sure you’ve noticed. No more COVID updates AT least not in the way I was doing before. No. It’s not gone, but I don’t want to focus on it any longer. I don’t see it going away anytime soon, and the idea of post titles like, “Quarantine day 242”, are not appealing.

This weekend has been wonderful. We took off Monday and Tuesday. The weather continues to be hot and way too dry for our lawn, but that didn’t keep me from spending lots of time outside. Don’t let the photo fool you. It’s taken a lot of watering to keep it this nice.

Last weekend TDub decided that he NEEDED a volcano toy. He actually called me and asked if I would get him one. What is a volcano toy you ask? I had no idea, and neither JDub nor I had any idea where he had come up with the idea, so I went to Amazon. I found a playmat for toddlers that included a bunch of dinosaurs, a fence and volcano that lights up and emits “smoke”. I also managed to pick up some awesome Star Wars Legos for big brother Dub. I don’t know that I have ever seen a kid so excited about the prospect of a random toy. The concept of waiting several days for it to come in the mail was almost too much to bear, but I am happy to report that he loves his new volcano!

Baseball started back up Friday. Yay sports! I have missed you. I am hoping the Reds have a shot in this shortened season, but the jury is still out. There are no fans in the stands which is very bizarre, but S & I are definitely happy to have baseball to watch.

GG is hanging in there. I talk with her every day, but I know she’s bored. She misses me and the kids. Her birthday is coming up, and this will be the first year in I don’t remember when that we haven’t gotten together in person. Although it would probably be fine, as S & I have been very cautious, it’s just not worth it to risk the health of a parent over 80.

Time for tonight’s Reds game!