Mar 252020

Day 9 of Quarantine

Day 9 of Quarantine

According to the WHO website, there are 372,757 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 16,231 deaths. It may surprise you to know that Italy, China and Spain currently account for more than 11,400 of the reported deaths. Perhaps China is not as surprising due to their huge population, but the numbers from Italy and Spain are shocking.

In Ohio the message today is that the next 7 – 10 days are critical and people have been urged to stay home! Most states have announced closures of all but critical businesses like health care, grocery, banking etc. Major cities are ghost towns with everyone staying inside. The photo above is the Las Vegas strip. (all casinos closed)

We’re doing well. Not much has changed for us except that we don’t have to commute every day which is a huge perk! The stock marker is in the shitter, and although I know it will rebound eventually, I can’t bear to look at my 401K. I talked to poor Mel the other day. As you might imagine this is all pretty grueling for her, working at a grocery store.

S & I are trying to exercise every day. The gym is closed so we make up our own things to do at home. We must be doing something right because we’re both sore and stiff from it! We’re good on supplies, with plenty of food and drink for at least a couple of weeks. Yeah. Re-read that sentence. How surreal this all is! I never thought I would be holed up in my house due to a pandemic. Sounds like a movie.

I can’t wait for warm weather to arrive. I miss sitting on my deck in the sun. I am currently reading the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. The books are gigantic, but very, very good. I am currently on book #2 which is 671 pages long. Book three is even longer.

TDub officially has a toddler bed. He’s very excited. GG is bored out of her mind and it’s impossible to get her to stay in her house. Here in Maineville, things are quiet, but good.