Dec 272021

Christmas Vacation

Yesterday was Christmas at my mom’s. It was officially the last Christmas at GGs. It was a lot of fun seeing the kids. There were a million presents and I think everyone had a really good time. (Except maybe NDub who left with a lot of things to put together and hang) S outdid himself by finding some really fun and interesting gifts for everyone.

I have the week off, which is amazing. Particularly because the weather is ridiculously warm. As you can see from the date of this post, today is DECEMBER 27TH. It is currently 70 degrees outside. WHAT?? Yesterday was 66. It’s not especially sunny, but I am not complaining.

I realized in reading through my previous posts that I forgot to mention the 5K S & I did in October. It took place down by the river near the ballpark and the race finish was behind home plate. How cool is that? It was a really good time. We ran the first mile and then alternating between run and walk the rest of the way. It was a pretty chilly morning, but was actually nicer for running than the race in June which was sweltering. We surpassed our goal time and rewarded ourselves with a slice of free pizza and a coney which were given free to all participants. We will definitely do a couple more 5Ks next year.

Talking about exceeding expectations, our Bengals have won two in a row and sit at 9-6 with two games to play and are currently in 1st place in the North. They have two tough games ahead, including next week against the Kansas City Chiefs who are the best team in the AFC. So while they may not win another game, they have been awesome this year and already surpassed my expectations. Joey B had 525 yards passing yesterday in a thrashing of the Ravens. Merry Christmas indeed.

I’ve read a few more books recently including The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Unfortunately, some of my recent choices have been real dogs, including a one that I just could not finish and another that I finished yesterday that I wished I hadn’t! The best thing I have read recently was A Man Called Ove which reminded me of the movie Grand Torino with Clint Eastwood minus the violence.

S & I had our Covid boosters last week. Here’s hoping to a 2022 where we can stop talking about Covid.