Aug 082018

Mom’s 80th Birthday!

Wow! What a fun day. My mom celebrated her 80th birthday on Sunday. I hosted the party and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. We had family, friends and of course, food. The only thing missing was Scott, who unfortunately had to be out of town for work. Boo! Not only did he have to fly out a few hours before the party, but he also saw me making lasagna and cookies and pie which he didn’t get to eat.

It’s hard to think of my mom being 80. First of all, she looks at least 10 years younger. I also tend to think of her as being a perpetual age 55 with me at 36 and Jessy as 17. Of course none of that math is even close to making sense. That’s just where my brain has us all categorized. All in all I think everyone had a great time, and a lot of us were able to accomplish the impossible — “Get Mary a gift that she wants, needs and likes!” Virtual high fives to all. All the food turned out great. Before he left (work travel), S was shaking his head saying, “You’re out of your mind. This is more food that you could possibly need.” Well guess what? I had to basically hide a piece of lasagna so I got one and last night for dinner, I made myself a tiny plate with a couple pork tenderloin medallions and a few tablespoons of potatoes and green beans. That, and a couple pieces of pie, were all that was left. My mom even emailed me to say what a nice time she had. This is HIGH praise. My mom is an amazing hostess. She always thinks of everything. She is also a fantastic and thoughtful gift-giver. I am not nearly as creative.

It was also great having extra time with the kids. Baby T is such a little man and his big brother is basically one of the kindest, politest and most loving kids I have ever known. I am already looking forward to our Labor Day visit!