Apr 042020

Quarantine Day 19 – COVID-19 Update

Cases worldwide sit at 1,197,034, with cases in the U.S. now at 308,000. Deaths worldwide have surpassed 64,000 with U.S. deaths at about 8,300. I know I’m overusing this word, but it’s so surreal. Thousands of people are dying everyday from this virus. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens are out of work. The stock market is a disaster. Life as we know it, where Americans go to a place of business every day, where we go where we want and buy what we want has come to a screeching halt. If you are not working in a critical industry, you’re working at home. If you work in a non-critical business which relies on close contact with other humans, you’re probably out-of-work. I gave S a haircut today. It was getting a little shaggy. Barbers and salons are closed, so it’s haircuts at home or nothing. I think I did a pretty decent job.

Ohio shelter in place has indeed been extended through April. I think the oddest thing about all of this is how in small towns and suburbs, life is mostly going on as usual. Sure, there are people who’ve lost their jobs and people are staying home. But in the neighborhoods themselves, life goes on. People mow their grass, they clean house, they do laundry and they watch TV. Today was beautiful. The best day of 2020 from a weather perspective. 72 and sunny with a light breeze. Children rode their bicycles. People walked their dogs or jogged through the neighborhood. Couples pushed their babies in strollers and mulched their flowerbeds. In our county there are 35 cases.

Today I was awake early. I used my little free weights to work on my arms for a bit. Then I had my coffee and went for a run. Run is a strong word… a jog. Then I came home and did some cleaning while I waited for S, and we went for our normal walk/jog. I dunno. I just have a lot of energy in the mornings. Anyway, I am proud to report that I have logged more than 16,000 steps today! When we arrived home, my Amazon order had been delivered. K-pods and Atkins bars. Hey! What can I say. Gotta have the basics.