Jun 082020

Quarantine Day 83 – COVID-19 Update

Cases worldwide sit at 7,081,594, with cases in the U.S. at 2,007,232. Deaths worldwide are at 405,074 with U.S. deaths at just over 112,000. Brazil continues to record more new cases and more single day deaths today than the U.S. 

We’re approaching three months of stay-at-home. I love working at home, but I miss my mom and the Dubs a lot. A lot of things have re-opened and here is the almost-country, we have very few case with just over 400. Still, I don’t want to get sick and I just don’t feel comfortable going places with a lot of other people. I don’t know why that is. A lot of people think that whether you feel that way or not is somehow driver by political affiliation. I dunno. I don’t feel that way. I think for many it’s age-driven. For many it may be economically-driven. If S and I didn’t have jobs right now, maybe I would be itching to get back out there.

On to a cheerier monologue, it was beautiful this weekend. Friday night we had what was referred to as a Strawberry Moon. It was one of the prettiest moons I have ever seen. I wish I had a good camera so I could have gotten a photo of it. The photo here is from CNN. It’s a pretty picture, but the moon I saw while not as close was prettier than this. When it rose, it had a golden ring around it. It was so bright! Saturday was 90 and sunny. Today was a perfect 81. I was able to spend a lot of time outside, which I love. I’m trying to safely get a bit of a tan.

This is a short week for us. We have vacation time scheduled beginning the 12th. I’m happy to be on vacation, but I’m sad that this was supposed to be our beach vacation in Corolla. We have another block of days off coming up around Independence Day. I’m hoping to see family then.

I’m currently reading the Cousin O’Dwyer Trilogy by Nora Roberts. It’s a nice series of short books. Only around 300 pages each which is a nice break after the 800-900 page books I just finished. I set a Goodreads goal to read 50 books this year, but if I keep reading books that long, I probably won’t accomplish that! But it’s fun to try.