Nov 162019

India – Round 2

S just returned from India. He and a bunch of others made the trek this time. I got to stay here. (Thank God). He was gone for 13 days, and I’m very glad he’s back.

My mom, who I have always thought of as quite a good cook, hasn’t really cooked for several years. She seems to prefer to buy things ready-made. We’ve talked about it and she has explained she just has no desire to do so, especially since dad died. I must admit that while Scott was gone, I cooked a total of four meals. Twice I made garlic steak bites. One night I made a BLT wedge salad with blue cheese (if you can call that cooking) and the last night he was gone I made a broccoli, cauliflower and cheddar casserole. Now part of this was because I had a cold and was sick for the final six days of his trip, but also because cooking for one sucks! So mom…. I get it.

I think the worst part of S being gone was just the loneliness, especially in the evenings. I did pretty well the first couple of days. I met Mel for dinner and had a nice visit with her. Then the next day I met my mom for a Christmas shopping extravaganza. JDub joined us later for lunch and additional shopping. I read three or four books. YES! Three or four entire books. None were particularly weighty volumes. One was the last of a series I was finishing up and the other three were a Nora Robert trilogy that I’ve read before.

The time change happened while he was gone so when you combine that with me being ill, I think I was in bed by 9PM every night. The moral of this story is that being alone sucks. It’s fantastic in small doses. Who doesn’t want alone time once in a while? But for someone who’s been with the same guy for more than 30 years. BLAH!

On the bright side, between not feeling like cooking and being sick for several days, I lost four pounds. This brings me to within four pounds of my original goal weight when I started my keto adventure on 01/1/19. I’m traveling to Detroit on Monday for work and I’m going to see some people that I haven’t seen since January of last year. Not only am I blonde, but I am also more than 50 lbs lighter! I look forward to their reactions.