Oct 182020

Not a Slacker

Posts two days in a row! Not a slacker!

Had a couple fun things to share today so I figured, why wait?

First of all, I wanted to share photos from my morning walk/jog. I was jogging down the front path when I encountered these:

What the hell? I’m not sure whether you can tell from the pictures, but these guys are huge! These are things you just don’t see in the burbs.

Next I wanted to share my Cauliflower crust pizza. I’ve tried various low carb pizza crust options. This was by far the best.

The key is squeezing every drop of water possible out of the cauliflower before adding the other ingredients.

Finally I finished Brandon Sanderson’s The Hero of Ages. Best book I’ve ever read. Stunning. I read the last 20 or so pages when I woke up this morning. I was smiling and sobbing at the same time. Truly brilliant.