Jul 072019

Best Smells

Best Smells

It’s the last day of vacation and it’s been a great week. The weather was awesome. Well, at least I thought so. It was sunny and 90 every day, but it also rained once every day. Usually in the afternoon or evening which left me plenty of time to be outdoors. I am proud to say that I reached my July 4th goal weight, as did S. We walked every day. Not together, heaven forbid. S drives me crazy and I am sure he would say the same for me. He walks too fast for me. I don’t feel like I walk slowly, but then again perhaps I take short strides because I have such long legs? I dunno. Either way, I think we both prefer walking alone.

I’m feeling good. I got my haircut and colored and I feel like I have a waist again. I’m also pretty tan (for me). I think I’m going to go full-on blonde by labor day.

I’m actually going to miss walking every day. I like looking around the neighborhood and spotting deer and rabbits, but I also love the smells. That sounds odd, right? I have always had a pretty strong sense of smell and some of my favorites regularly present themselves on my morning walk. Fresh cut grass, the smell of people doing their laundry and the smells of summer flowers and trees. Things like pine, lilac and honeysuckle. Of course my favorite smell is probably fresh ground coffee.

Since it’s summer, I haven’t been making hot coffee. Instead I make homemade cold brew. It’s yummy. I use it to make my own keto-friendly iced coffee and frappuccinos. I am very sad for J & S and their inability to enjoy large doses of caffeine.

In other news, I have harvested my first tomato and therefore colonized our deck. I am now officially known as “Leesa: Deck Pirate”. If you do not understand this reference, please watch “The Martian” with Matt Damon. (Also an excellent book). That’s all for now.