Jun 262021

5K Complete! Check.

Yep. You read correctly. We have finally completed our first 5K. I beat my goal time by two minutes. S was adamant that we finish together. He could have easily finished two minutes before me. It was hot! Our start time was around 7:40 AM. That’s late for me. I am usually up and out before 7, and it was shaping up to be one of the hottest day of the year. It was a lot of fun. It gave us a sense of accomplishment. Like – Hey we did this very cool thing. Our second one is in late October so I suspect it will be a lot cooler, which should be a good thing.

Work is extremely shitty, but I’m not even going to go into that. Who wants to think about such things on the weekend? Thankfully I have some days off coming up and am expecting a visit from the Dubs.

What’s going on in the world you ask? Well, we still have Covid, but the number of new cases and deaths in the US are way down. About 50% of our population is fully vaccinated and everything has opened back up including pools, amusement parts and stadiums. Most people have stopped wearing masks, except for places like airplanes. India and Brazil are still a mess, but India is getting a little better.

The Reds are doing pretty well. They’re in the middle of the pack, but they have potential. They’re definitely entertaining to watch. It’s fun seeing lots of fans in the stands again. Winker and Castellanos are show ins for the All-Star game. If we had some consistent pitching, we’d be dangerous.

The weather is beautiful. Although it’s been very dry, my beds look beautiful. My oak leaf hydrangea is in full bloom and the Hydrangea tree is starting to bloom as well. New houses are going up in the next construction phase. The housing market is CRAZY right now. It like a perfect storm of circumstances. Interest rates are super low, there’s limited stock and new construction is way behind from COVID. The prices homes are going for is obscene. I wish I had an extra one to sell.