Mar 182020

Day 2 of Quarantine

Day 2 of Quarantine

S and I are referring to today as day two of quarantine. Some people may say it’s day three or five, but we’re going with DAY 2! This is based on the fact that we were required to begin working at home yesterday. (Technically this is day 5 at home.) Our governor, Mike DeWine, has in my opinion done a very good job so far. He’s been very aggressive in his decision-making. Ohio was one of the first states to close schools and one of the first to close restaurants and bars. (drive-thru and delivery are still available). Grocery stores have reduced their hours to allow time for restocking.

As of today there are about 200,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, with almost 8,000 deaths. Ohio has 62 confirmed cases. However, when considering the percentage of cases by state population, Ohio is 40th. The numbers are likely very inaccurate because who knows how many people have mild cases and haven’t been tested.

This is definitely hardest for my mom. I’m trying to call her every other day. She’s so bored. She’s used to being very independent. She and Eileen like to go out to eat. She likes to shop, and I’m concerned that she just won’t stay inside.

On the bright side, the honeysuckles out back are getting leaves and buds which means summer is close!

More to come…