Aug 032018

Husband Out of Town? I Baked a Pie

Husband Out of Town?  I Baked a Pie

I love chocolate. It’s actually probably an addiction. It started when I was a kid and one of my fondest chocolate memories was my grandma’s chocolate pie. She actually gave me the recipe for the pie when I was a teenager, but I lost it at some point. Every year on my birthday, she made me this pie. She also made a butterscotch pie which was my mom’s favorite. One of the first bits of research I did when I discovered Pinterest was to search for this recipe. I found it, or at least one that was pretty darned close.

While my husband was out of town this week, I decided to go for it and make this pie. It was just as good as I remember. One change I think I’ll make going forward is to use a whipped cream border as opposed to topping with meringue. The pie filling is so good, I felt like the full coverage of meringue detracted from the pie. If you like meringue, maybe you’ll feel differently. For me, I just wanted to get to the chocolate layer.