Feb 172023

Superbowl Sunday and then Some

It’s Superbowl Sunday in mid-February. We’ve had a few chilly days, but we’ve also had a lot of days that are 45-55. February over 45? Count me in. Unfortunately our Bengals are not in the Superbowl. After beating the Ravens in Cincinnati and crushing the Bills in Buffalo on a glorious, snowy day in western New York, they lost in the AFC Championship Game to the Chiefs. It was a very close game that went right to the last play. Cincy was hosed multiple time throughout the game by the refs, including a really bizarre play that was run to completion and then undone due to some issue with the play clock, a HUGE illegal block in the back no-call on a KC punt return, and an ABSOLUTELY clear holding call that was missed on the last offensive play of the game. Sadly at the end of that same play, the Bengals committed their own clear and flagrant penalty which was of course called, as it should have been, and gave the Chiefs the opportunity for an easy field goal as time expired. I may sound bitter, but I am not. They had a great season but suffered significant injuries in the final games of the season that really hampered them in the playoffs. You have to be good to win the Superbowl, but you also have to be lucky.

Continued Monday

The Kansas City Chiefs are Superbowl champions. It was actually a very entertaining game which KC again won on a field goal as time expired. S & I are off today. This is our first day off in 2023. Work is awful. I keep telling myself that I don’t have to lift anything heavy or deal with life & death or work holidays and weekends. I get to work from home most of the time and I am paid a decent salary with benefits. When I say “awful”, I want to be clear that I mean “awful” relative to what I think it is fair to expect in similar roles elsewhere, and what I grew to expect during my first 15 years in the industry. It is a mentally taxing job where no one can be sure from month-to-month whether they will have a job despite how well they perform.

TDub is now 6! He celebrated his birthday with a Sonic themed cake, new super fast red tennis shoes, a dinner at Rusty Bucket and a first-ever trip to Game Stop. JDub & I have birthdays soon, so I expect we’ll all be getting together for that. I’ve decided I want some sort of safe or lockbox. I have the secret stash place, but it’s not particularly safe or secure. It’s also not very large. I would also like some containers for organizing things in my pantry and linen closet. I’m writing this because I know as you read it you’ll be thinking, “OH, Me Too!”. We do like to organize!

Several days later…

Why yes! I am back again for a third attempt at finishing a single post. I made it through another week with a job. I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad in this case. I mentioned at the beginning of this post how mild the weather has been for February. It was 72 on Wednesday! WHAT? Now the high today is supposed to be under 40, but then the forecast all of next week is 45-55. Every year we seem to get a few unseasonably warm days in December. Maybe even a couple around New Year’s Day. But generally the time from January 15th – March 1st is consistently crappy, and you’re just telling yourself that as long as there isn’t snow and ice you can deal with it being 12 degrees for a few more weeks. My favorite day of the year is coming soon. That day where I look out the window for the first time and see green things on the bushes!

Here’s a shout out to JDub’s Sonic-themed birthday cake