Oct 292018

Eight Weeks Til Christmas!

Eight Weeks Til Christmas!

Despite this weekend being cold, windy, rainy and generally crappy from a weather perspective, it was a nice weekend. First, I did some Christmas shopping. That made me feel proactive and productive! Next we met my mom for lunch and that was fun. Today, like most Sundays in the fall or winter, there was a lot of football and a lot of cooking. I did my normal meal prep by preparing bags of cheese cubes, nuts and grapes. I also have been making some type of salad for our lunches. Usually this is some type of pasta or vegetable salad. This week I went for the ever-popular raman salad. I doctored it a bit by adding some noodles, peppers and soy sauce. I should add that the Bengals won so that was a plus.

Asian Noodle Raman Salad

I remember the first time I had a version of this salad. It was at a swimming awards banquet and Brittney’s mom brought it. Yum! I also made a bunch of meatballs with the idea that one might we’ll have spaghetti & meatballs and another night we’ll have meatball subs. Yeah. I know. This is genius meal planning! Finally it was time to make something sweet. With the cold weather I have been dabbling in making homemade hot chocolate all week, and I don’t mean mixing powder in water. I mean ridiculously chocolaty rich, hot, drinking chocolate. This is probably why I felt like making something lemony for dessert.

I found this recipe and wow are these cookies good. They’re soft and cakey. I will definitely make these again. Even your dad said, “WOW! These are fantastic!”

Time for more shopping. I love the internet…