May 102020

Quarantine Day 57 – COVID-19 Update

Cases worldwide sit at 4,170,890, with cases in the U.S. at 1,365,247. Deaths worldwide are close to 284,000 with U.S. deaths at about 81,000. The hot spot this week has been Russia. After having seemingly few cases initially, the virus seems to have a foothold there with new cases growing at a rate of more than 10K per day. Cases in the US are still growing at about 20K per day, but the unemployment rate is alarming so things are beginning to open up anyway.

Finally, finally it appears temperatures will reach the 70’s later this week. S & I have a three day weekend coming up. Today was Mother’s Day. It was kind of sad. Last year we picked up GG’s and went to Hilliard. This year everyone’s on their own. We did get to do a Zoom call with the kids and Sue. T-Dub & J-Dub made me a birdhouse. It’s pretty awesome.

Today I’ve begun streaming season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy so that’s fun.

I made steak and shrimp for lunch today. I hope in three weeks we still have steak at the grocery. Our meat supply is like the new toiler paper. It’s running low because the supply lines are jacked up, and because meat-packing plants are places where people work closely together. Therefore lots of their workers have this virus. Not good.

This week Facebook and Google announced they will allow their staff to work from home until the 1st of the year. Holy Crap! Is it wrong if I secretly wish that I can work from home that long? I would be happy with July. How about September?