Mar 022019

I don’t feel fifty. Fifty seems very old. When you are from a family of women where the youngest death I can think of was 87, forty doesn’t seem horrible. If history holds true, you’re not even half way done yet. You definitely can’t say that about 50. My goal for 2019 continues to be to eat healthier, lose the weight I gained last year during the dreaded employee purge of 2018, which made my workplace a living hell. As of Monday, we’ll have 20 new hires. Things are looking up.

I wish my birthday was in the spring or summer. One great thing about March is that you know it means winter is almost over. I am counting the weeks until I can be outside, sitting on the deck in the sun and reading a book. I’ve always hated the spring time change. This year I can’t wait. I find myself researching where I can live after retirement. I don’t think I would want to live in Florida year round. Maybe we’ll do like a lot of Ohioans and winter in Florida?

Today in Ohio it snowed. Less than an inch, but still. A little snow, no problem. S still grilled steaks for us. After steaks, I treated myself with a Game of Thrones marathon. Hey, gotta get ready for season 8! I also had a ton of texts and calls from people which was nice, even one from my best friend in high school.