Apr 042020

Quarantine Day 19 – COVID-19 Update

Cases worldwide sit at 1,197,034, with cases in the U.S. now at 308,000. Deaths worldwide have surpassed 64,000 with U.S. deaths at about 8,300. I know I’m overusing this word, but it’s so surreal. Thousands…Continue Reading

Mar 292020

Quarantine Day 13 – COVID-19 Update

In just a few short days, the total Coronavirus cases worldwide have ballooned to over 700,000 with the US now leading the total case count at over 130,000 with almost 60,000 of those in New…Continue Reading

Mar 252020

Day 9 of Quarantine

According to the WHO website, there are 372,757 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 16,231 deaths. It may surprise you to know that Italy, China and Spain currently account for more than 11,400 of the reported deaths.…Continue Reading

Mar 182020

Day 2 of Quarantine

S and I are referring to today as day two of quarantine. Some people may say it’s day three or five, but we’re going with DAY 2! This is based on the fact that we…Continue Reading

Mar 142020

Let’s Talk About COVID-19

2020 will forever be remembered for Coronavirus or COVID-19. I am not exaggerating when I say this has been the most surreal week of my life. My mother, who is 30 years older than me…Continue Reading

Mar 082020

A10 Champs!

I just finished listening to the UD Flyers final regular season game. I had to take a few minutes to write about it because I want to be able to look back and remember it.…Continue Reading

Feb 292020

Off to the Windy City

Heading off to Chicago Monday for a client visit. It’s been more than 30 years since I’ve been there. Thankfully the weather is supposed to be pretty decent. I think the forecast is for high…Continue Reading

Feb 242020

New Week, New Best Times

I am proud to say that S and I both achieved new best times on Saturday. S went sub 38. I think his time was 37.35 which is amazing. I was very close. But damn,…Continue Reading

Feb 092020

Sub-Forty Day!

S is home. Thank God. I mean I am an only child. I feel like I’m pretty adept at entertaining myself. But wow! I was so bored. So glad he’s home from Chicago. Supposedly I…Continue Reading

Feb 062020

No Shadow for Phil

This week was Groundhog’s Day. I think it was like 60 degrees. Crazy! I hate to even type about how mild this winter has been, but I am very thankful. Here we are in February…Continue Reading