Dec 292020

Two Years Later

With only two days left in 2020, our two year anniversary of Keto-eating is fast approaching. I’ve been thinking about how to acknowledge that and summarize all the changes we’ve made. Let me start at…Continue Reading

Dec 202020

That’s My Philosophy

Remember the movie My Blue Heaven with Steve Martin? So many great quotes. At one point he is on a flight to New York and he tips the flight attendant. He explains to co-star Rick…Continue Reading

Nov 152020

This is Going to Be Weird

Where to begin? There are so many weird things going on in the world right now, it’s hard to know where to start. November 3rd was election day in the United States. Trump vs. Biden.…Continue Reading

Nov 012020

Cauliflower is Truly the Wonder Food!

As we are approaching the two year anniversary of quest to eat healthier and become more physically fit, we reflected this week on the wonder food. That’s right. It’s cauliflower. I seriously don’t know if…Continue Reading

Oct 182020

Not a Slacker

Posts two days in a row! Not a slacker! Had a couple fun things to share today so I figured, why wait? First of all, I wanted to share photos from my morning walk/jog. I…Continue Reading

Oct 172020

Time to stop Slacking!

I feel so lazy. I haven’t written anything in three weeks! Where to begin? First of all, looking over my last post, I feel I should state that the Reds lost in the first round…Continue Reading

Sep 272020

It’s Fall

It’s hard to believe fall is here. There’s not been much rain so the leaves are starting to change color and fall. It’s great sleeping weather though, with nighttime lows in the 50s. This weekend…Continue Reading