Oct 182020

Not a Slacker

Posts two days in a row! Not a slacker! Had a couple fun things to share today so I figured, why wait? First of all, I wanted to share photos from my morning walk/jog. I…Continue Reading

Oct 172020

Time to stop Slacking!

I feel so lazy. I haven’t written anything in three weeks! Where to begin? First of all, looking over my last post, I feel I should state that the Reds lost in the first round…Continue Reading

Sep 272020

It’s Fall

It’s hard to believe fall is here. There’s not been much rain so the leaves are starting to change color and fall. It’s great sleeping weather though, with nighttime lows in the 50s. This weekend…Continue Reading

Aug 152020

The Latest News in Pictures

I’m a slacker. I haven’t blogged in over two weeks. I have no excuse except laziness. I even had a long weekend last week, but I just didn’t have a lot to say. I did,…Continue Reading

Jul 282020

Four Day Weekend!

Yep. I’m sure you’ve noticed. No more COVID updates AT least not in the way I was doing before. No. It’s not gone, but I don’t want to focus on it any longer. I don’t…Continue Reading

Jul 192020

Quarantine Day 122 – COVID-19 Update

Cases worldwide sit at 14.4M, with cases in the U.S. at 3.78 million. Deaths worldwide are at 603K with U.S. deaths closing at about 142,000. New cases in the US are at the highest yet with 60-70K new cases…Continue Reading